The Foundation for the Advancement of Innovation, Research and Education short titled (FAIRE) has been established in November 2015 under the umbrella of Bahria Town Private Limited to accomplish its social responsibilities towards the development of education and health sectors for socio-economic uplift of the people of Pakistan.

It is registered with Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan under section 32 of the companies ordinance 1984 with corporate ID No 0096494. It is a nonprofit organization which promotes innovation and research by offering vibrant environment for industry, entrepreneurs and institutions/ organizations linked with such educational and research activities.

Our Vision

“Transforming society to improve social indices of people through provision of World Class Education and Health Facilities”

Our Mission

To revolutionize the knowledge economy of Pakistan, by stimulating the academic sector through investigative collaborations, innovative research and education of global standards. To provide quality education at all levels from elementary to university education to the children and youth of the country to enable them transform into competent professionals and leaders to effectively contribute towards the development of country.

Our Patron and Directors

Malik Riaz Hussain, Chairman Bahria Town is also the Patron and Chairman of FAIRE. Apart from being Asia’s largest real estate developer who is well known for the iconic projects of Bahria Town all over the country, he is equally concerned with rapid socio-economic progress of the people of Pakistan. In the field of education some renowned educational institutes like ACE International Academy, ACE Junior Academy and Dr. AQ Khan College of Science and Technology have been established at Rawalpindi/ Islamabad while Bahria Town schools and colleges have been added to Bahria townships of Lahore.  His vision to bring changes in living and social standards of people of Pakistan is amply demonstrated and is visible through his incredible achievements in different areas. He has very generously funded for the big educational projects like Universities at Hyderabad, Nawabshah and upcoming University of Islamabad being established at Bahria Golf City, Murree Expressway, Islamabad.

Ms. Bina Riaz is the wife of a legendary, successful and dynamic entrepreneur, Malik Riaz Hussain. She is no doubt “a woman behind success”. She is the backbone of Bahria Town’s educational projects.

It was her visionary approach for a brighter Pakistan that she established her first educational venture in 2007. She is currently leading all the educational and health projects of Bahria Town and has played the pivotal role in realization of aims and objectives of FAIRE.

It is her vision and approach that all Bahria Town educational projects are housed in the state of the art purpose-built campuses equipped with modern facilities and qualified staff. She is a role model, philanthropic lady who has no doubt an exceptional vision towards the brighter and better tomorrow for the people of Pakistan.

Ms. Mubashra Malik is the wife of Mr. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik, the Chief Executive of Bahria Town.  She is a goal oriented and dynamic person who has played a very active role in Bahria’s development projects relating to education and health. She is a crucial part of the Bahria Team, who believes that it is the education and professional development that helps people earn respect and recognition. Keeping in view her vision, enthusiasm and dynamic leadership, we expect her tremendous contribution in the development of future projects of the Foundation for the Advancement of Innovation, Research and Education (FAIRE).


  • To establish, manage, own, administer, promote and subsidize educational institutions, universities, computer literacy centers, schools, colleges, institutions for study and research centers of learning, reading rooms and other institutions for basic education, adult literacy, advanced studies and other educational institutes.
  • To provide scholarships to students and grant aid including supply of books, stipends, medals, prizes, grants, awards, medicines, educational career support, bursaries and other incentives for purposes of advancement of knowledge, education and literacy.
  • To provide a platform for research and development relating to the objectives of the Foundation.
  • To sponsor in establishing institutes/ universities for advancement and raising standards of professional education in the field of sciences, engineering & technology, health sciences, computers, information, communication technologies, social sciences, arts, design and law.
  • To assist in revolutionizing the existing education system, by reforming the public education system.
  • To provide education, research, training, advocacy and consultancy in the field of education development and to cater to the educational needs and ambitions of diverse groups of intellectuals and other individuals.
  • To Endeavour to influence policies that relate to education development to bring about changes at the structural policy level.
  • To develop, advocate and promote curriculum for schools, colleges and universities as required/ dictated by national and global trends.
  • To establish strategic relations with partners e.g government, donors and other such entities to improve the research/education/ innovation endeavors.
  • To establish, support, acquire, run and/or grant aid and other financial assistance to laboratories, libraries, reading rooms, hostels, boarding houses and other institutions of like nature at any place or places in Pakistan.

Sponsored Projects of Foundation

Following educational Projects of bahria Town have been put under the sponsorship of the Foundation for the Advancement of Innovation, Research and Education (FAIRE) for their future developments:-

  1. ACE International Academy, Bahria Town, Phase II, Rawalpindi which is very well reputed institution for O/A level education.
  2. ACE Junior Academy for children, Phase II, Bahria Town, Rawalpindi.
  3. AQ Khan College of Science and Technology, Phase VIII, Bahria Town, Islamabad/Rawalpindi.
  4. Bahria Town, schools/colleges at Bahria Townships Lahore

Ongoing Projects of Foundation

  • University of Islamabad: A world class University by the name of University of Islamabad (UOI) is being established by FAIRE at Bahria Golf City Murree Expressway, Islamabad. The land for the University measuring 300 Kanals has been provided to FAIRE for the University by Bahria Town. The University is envisioned to be:-
  • A comprehensive University offering programmes in humanities and social sciences, management sciences, natural sciences, engineering sciences, health sciences, art & design and law.
  • A research-led university with a strong focus on graduate and post graduate programmes.
  • A fully residential university so as to attract the best possible talent from all over Pakistan and abroad and also to provide conducive environment for round-the-clock-research.
  • An entrepreneurial university with strong programmes in creative innovation and entrepreneurship together with availability of Technology/Business Incubation Centers leading ultimately to the development of dedicated Science and Technology Park and strong industrial linkages.
  • A technology-smart campus exploiting full potential of the present and future ICTs with campus wide Wi-Fi, smart class rooms, video conferencing facilities and information resource centre connected to the world-wide resources of knowledge.
  • Golf City Institute of Management & Social Sciences (GCIMSS): GCIMSS has been established as constituent of University of Islamabad to conduct Bachelor and Master Programmes in Economics, Social Sciences, Law and Business Studies of University of London, subject to their approval and guidelines and local degree programmes in these disciplines as per curriculum and scheme of studies approved by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.
  • Golf City Medical & Dental College: Golf City Medical and Dental College is being established as constituent college of University of Islamabad. The Medical college is expected to start its functioning after approval of PM&DC by December 2017.
  • Bahria Golf City Hospital: Bahria Golf City Hospital is a 250 bedded Hospital which will serve as Teaching Hospital for the Medical College and shall also provide medical care facilities to the residents of all surrounding areas. A good number of charity beds have been included for free treatment of needy and under-privileged people. The hospital building shall be ready, fully furnished and equipped with latest medical equipment and related facilities, by December 2016.
  • Bahria Enclave Hospital, Islamabad: Bahria Enclave Hospital is currently under construction at Bahria Enclave, Kuree road, Islamabad. This hospital shall also be the Teaching Hospital of Golf City Medical and Dental College and is being developed to provide better health facilities of international standard at affordable cost to people of Pakistan.

Future Projects

The future projects of the Foundation for Advancement of Innovation, Research & Education include the following:-

  1. Establishment of additional campuses of University of Islamabad (UOI) in all Bahria Townships at different cities of Pakistan.
  2. Establishment of overseas campuses of University of Islamabad especially in Gulf areas to cater for the needs of overseas Pakistanis.
  3. Islamabad School for Autism to cater for the special training and needs of marginalized communities/ people suffering from varied degrees of autism.
  4. Islamic School of Excellence to offer mix of Islamic and modern education.
  5. Creation of Innovation and research centers (IRCs) in collaboration with local and foreign industry and entrepreneurs.
  6. Creation of health facilities and health care units in different areas to improve health service sector.


Office Bearers

S No Designation Name Contact No
1. Chief Executive Cdre (R) M. Ilyas 051-5730280-7 (Ext-267)
2. General Secretary Iram Asaf 051-5730280-7 (Ext-287)
3. Finance Secretary Shabbar Hussain Shah 051-5705801-15
(Ext 115)