University Of Islamabad (Upcoming)

FAIRE’s goals for the establishment of University of Islamabad

Vision 2025, launched by the Government of Pakistan has rightly acknowledged the significance of knowledge economy towards socio-economic development of the country. To achieve the objective of developing knowledge-economy, the Government plans to:

a. Increase public expenditure on higher education currently from 0.2% of GDP to 1.4% of GDP.

b. Enhance higher education enrolment from 1.5 million to 5 million.

c. Increase the number of PhDs in the country from 7000 to 15000.

d. Increase the number of universities from 171 to 300.

Keeping in view the National Education Policy and also Vision 2025 which lay great emphasis on the promotion of quality higher education, Foundation for Advancement of Innovation, Research and Education (FAIRE) has decided to establish the proposed University with the following objectives:

a. To provide access to higher education to the talented youth of Pakistan to enable them play their due role in the national development besides creating congenial environment for socio-economic transformation in the country.

b. To conduct quality research on local, regional, national and international issues faced by the country.

c. To disseminate knowledge in all fields of Science & Technology, Management Sciences, Computer Sciences, Social Sciences, Health Sciences as well as Art & Design to strengthen the nation through the value addition of the existing human capital, local natural resources and optimal utilization of the state of the art technologies.

d. To produce highly trained individuals possessing all the essential qualities for conducting research aimed at bringing about progress and prosperity in the country.

e. To produce leadership of high caliber and character to lead the society in all spheres of life.

f. To increase the productivity of the local industries by enhancing the technical and managerial skills of the youth through exposure to the new knowledge and latest trends in technology.

g. To educate the society through the juvenile exposure to the high quality higher education so that the people can play a positive role in the economic development of the country.

A world class University by the name of University of Islamabad (UOI) is being established by FAIRE at Bahria Golf City Murree Expressway, Islamabad. The land for the University measuring 300 Kanals has been provided to FAIRE for the University by Bahria Town. The University is envisioned to be:-

  • A comprehensive University offering programmes in humanities and social sciences, management sciences, natural sciences, engineering sciences, health sciences, art & design and law.
  • A research-led university with a strong focus on graduate and post graduate programmes.
  • A fully residential university so as to attract the best possible talent from all over Pakistan and abroad and also to provide conducive environment for round-the-clock-research.
  • An entrepreneurial university with strong programmes in creative innovation and entrepreneurship together with availability of Technology/Business Incubation Centers leading ultimately to the development of dedicated Science and Technology Park and strong industrial linkages.
  • A technology-smart campus exploiting full potential of the present and future ICTs with campus wide Wi-Fi, smart class rooms, video conferencing facilities and information resource centre connected to the world-wide resources of knowledge.